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Wednesday,January 30, 2013

The Writing is on the Wall

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Mark Whitaker

The changes announced recently by CNN chief Jeff Zucker concern me. I think CNN is about to go through a seismic change that does not bode well for people of color. First, there is the news that CNN’s morning show, now anchored by Soledad O’Brien is being taken over by Chris Cuomo and Erin Burnett, neither of which are people are color. Next is the announcement of the departure of Mark Whitaker as managing editor. As a television news manager myself, I understand Mark’s response that Zucker needs to build his own management team. That is what usually happens when a new chief arrives. But that also leaves a void in the management ranks of CNN. I also concerned that there are moves afoot to move CNN’s headquarters to New York from Atlanta. That’s because of the myopic vision that NY is the center of the media world. We should keep an eye on what’s happening with this media giant and demand that their news product reflect the true America. MSNBC is figuring it out as their audience of African American viewers has shown tremendous growth. I also want to point out that there are a number of people of color in the management ranks of MSNBC who are at the table to make sure all voices are heard. Hopefully, CNN will also get the memo and do some things to show that they are truly dedicated to reflecting the diversity of our country. I also challenge my beloved National Association of Black Journalists, where I served as an officer and national president for several years, to not be silent on this issue. We must speak out now before it is too late.


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  1. I think the swift exits of Tony Harris, TJ Holmes and now Mark Whitaker offered ample clues that diversity is not CNN’s USP (unique selling proposition). Had BET retained its original ownership before being scooped up by Time Warner, the outrage would be minimized had we had maintained control over news shows for us and by us. The media times aren’t changing fast enough so it’s high time to exercise the fingers by changing the channel on the remote.

    Comment by Taylor — Saturday,February 2, 2013 @ 4:26 pm | Reply

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